• Rely On This When You Sell Your Home

    How Likely Is It That Your Home
    Will Actually Get Sold By The Agent You Choose To Sell It?

    Most people simply assume that, when they list their home, it will be sold; especially in good economic times and ‘hot’ markets.

    Well, as you can see, I’ve attached a lottery ticket to this page. Why? Because, actually the odds of most agents getting your home sold are not very good. Not as bad as the lottery, but still a gamble.

    In fact, over the past year, according to the local real estate board statistics not all of the properties listed sold within the term of the agents’ listing contracts. However, during that same time period, Carol Royse sold virtually every home well before the end of any listing period.

    Obviously, selling your home does NOT have to be a “crap shoot”.

    You can gamble on an agent with a low batting average – or who won’t disclose his batting average (in writing). Maybe with your home, he or she will do better.

    Or you can rely on the one agent who sells more homes faster and for more money than the average area agent.

    Less than half of homes listed actually sell … even in ‘hot’ markets. Contrast this with the fact that almost all of Carol Royse's listings sell!

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