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Discover The New Hot Home Design Trends Of 2020

New Hot Home Design Trends of 2020

As 2020 quickly approaches, we thought we give you the scoop on what home design and decor experts are expecting to be a big hit this new year. From wall color to new furniture styles and some comebacks from the past, continue reading to find out more.

2020 Forecast Wall Color Pallets

You can expect to see a wide variety of colors ranging from bright, vibrant primary colors like yellow and red, to gorgeous jewel tones like teal, dark blues, and deep purples. However, the most prominent trends that are expected to take over is the earthy tones ranging from burnt oranges and clay colors to the more serene colors such as soft mint greens, lilacs, pale pinks, and creamy neutral warm colors. This year is all about bringing mother earth back into your home, from richly subtle shades of sea, sand, forest, and sky.

Check out below the 2020 color palette forecast for Behr and Sherwin-Williams Colormix 

2020 Decor Trends

Black Is Back

This year expect to see black make a big comeback in kitchens from all-black matte cabinets, appliances, and hardware. If black is too much for you to commit to, try going for a navy blue or dark blues as it’s also expected to be a big player in home decor in 2020. Read more on HGTV Kitchen trends.

Black Is Back kitchen - 2020 Decor Trends

Biophilia Trend, Which Translates To “Love of Nature.”

Indoor plants have been more trendy than ever, and you can expect to continue to see this trend in 2020. However, there is much more than having a few plants around the house. Biophilic design is incorporating nature with design. It includes natural light, vegetation, natural materials, natural colors, natural shapes, and animals.

Unlike traditional designs, biophilic design is actually based on evidence, so its approach is as scientific as it is esthetic. In essence of this design lays an idea that design should be fused with natural elements so as to offer the most benefits to a person’s wellbeing.

Click here to learn more about biophilia. 

Biophilia Trend - 2020 Decor Trends

Curved Shapes Furniture

This is another trend making big waves on all major home decor publications and in the  Milan Design Week 2019. Furniture with curves gives a major flashback to the groovy 1960s, with vibrant colors and textures. Just as mid-century modern gave the 1950s a facelift expect the 60s to be revived in 2020. If you are a big fan of mid-century modern style, not too worry, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere just yet. See more trendy curved furniture

Curved Shapes Furniture - 2020 Decor Trends

Natural Elements

Along with the concept of biophilia, you can expect to see even more natural elements in homes. Like natural wood, metals, clay and beautiful stone elements that truly transcend an earthy zen vibe throughout the space.  Want more ideas on how to achieve this look click the link

Natural Elements - 2020 Decor Trends

Multipurpose Furniture

With the big craze that Tiny Homes has brought the last several years, even if you haven’t bought into the Tiny Home lifestyle, there is one thing that homeowners across the nation are picking up on. That’s the multi-purpose furniture. It’s genius, and we are here for it, why not make the most out of your living space even if it’s not tiny. Long gone are those days where a room only had one purpose, now you can easily make that guest bedroom into an office and guestroom when needed, and who doesn’t love extra storage space!

Multipurpose Furniture - 2020 Decor Trends

Sustainable Furniture

You’ve seen many companies making an effort to be greener and environmentally conscious. In 2020 expect to hear more and see more home designers selecting furniture brands that are keeping our environment in mind. According to West Elm about 85 percent of millennials seek out a responsibly sourced product, and the brand is one of a many companies excited to meet that need with sustainable wood furniture, handcrafted accessories, and Fair Trade Certified textiles. Brands like Viva Terra and Made Trade are leading the way and setting the trend of handmade with care, recycled, all-natural, responsible wood, or made in the USA. Learn what other brands are making a statement with their sustainable home decor.

Sustainable Furniture - 2020 Decor Trends

Forecast Overview of 2020 Home Decor 

If there is one clear message across the board is that nature and natural elements are making a big statement in 2020 home decor. From the color pallets to furniture styles taking the spot light you can clearly see that mother nature is the home designer muse.  Another  trend that you will also see is the combination of home decor styles, because lets face it just because we love mid-century modern it  doesnt mean thats the only style we love. So if you love the fun boho textures or the cozyness of scandanavian, go for it! 2020 is all about making your home feel like home and creating a space that is unique to you and your taste.  Mixing interior design styles can make your space feel truly  authentic.

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