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About Us

In 1985, Carol was a PTA President, a mother of two. Following the death of her husband, she needed a source of income to provide for her family. Her friend suggested she become a realtor, and she enrolled in real estate school. A month later, she was licensed and ready.

Fast forward 10 years. Carol had become an established realtor and was joined by her daughter, Vikki Royse Middlebrook, and son-in-law, Eric Middlebrook. She hired a few administrative assistants, and The Carol Royse Team was born!

In 2001, Carol’s son, Tim Evans, joined the team, thus making it a true “family business”. The Carol Royse Team thrived and expanded over the years, through great markets, and a Great Recession. Today there are 25 members on The Carol Royse Team, and we’ve helped serve over 7,000 families. Our team’s mission, “To Elevate Others to Prosper”, has been a leading cause to our success.

The Carol Royse Team has become one of the top teams across the United States of America. The team currently has 8 family members, all licensed and serving the team in various departments, along with 17 additional agents and admin. Each day, The Carol Royse Team strives to elevate our clients with an exceptional experience. Exceeding their expectations is our team’s daily commitment.

Our Mission

Delivering Excellence Is our Passion

Our Core Values

  • Elevate Our Clients to Have an Exceptional Experience
  • Elevate Our Team Personally and Professionally
  • Elevate Our Business Partners to Enjoy More Success
  • Elevate Our Community By Creating Awareness and Sharing Resources
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