Checklist Inspections

Checklist Inspections is a Carol Royse Team Valued Partner. If you would like to receive special pricing please fill the form and we will have a Checklist Inspections representative contact you directly.

Checklist Inspection – Home Inspection Services:

  • We examine all aspects of the home, starting from the outside: the gates, sidewalk, fencing, patio roof, and foundation. We check if drainage flows away from the structure, AC unit, pool, and other features.
  • We specifically inspect the garage for signs of termites and other pests. We observe the irrigation system and the water meter.
  • It might seem excessive to keep the water running for 20 minutes, but that’s necessary to ensure proper drainage flow. Leaks, if any, are revealed during this process.
  • Similarly, the electrical panels, windows, doors, cabinets, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and flooring are thoroughly examined.
  • We also measure insulation and check vents for attachments, twists, curve radius, and seals. If required, we inspect for termites throughout the property.
  • We utilize modern technology to guarantee you’re getting the best information possible. We’ll use drones to capture images of any hard-to-reach places, such as the roof. If the home was built before 2005, we’ll have a roofing company come out to act as our second set of eyes and provide you with a cost projection of what may need to be done.
  • The home-buying process is long. We get it! We promise to finish all reports on site so you can be on your way to purchasing the home of your dreams. We provide a thorough inspection every time we visit. Partner with us to ensure your home is up to date and free of pests and insulation problems!

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