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About Jason Payne & State 48 Roofing

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Born and raised in Arizona, serving the community he feels has given so much to him is what drives Jason on a daily basis…

Jason was brought into the roofing industry at an early age where he hit the ground running with his strong work ethic and “go-getter” mindset. Starting with simple admin tasks and running errands, Jason quickly fell in love with the business and soaked in as MUCH as possible from those around him… no matter how big or small the task!

A hard worker by nature, Jason quickly rose to the top of every organization he worked with, which culminated in finally fulfilling his dream of starting his own roofing company: State 48 Roofing.

Over the last 10+ years, Jason has handled EVERY aspect of the roofing business, from office work to being on the roofs himself, which makes him such an incredible and valuable asset to his customers. When it comes to roofing, Jason cannot be beaten in knowledge, expertise, and most importantly care. 

He takes pride in his work and personally guarantees that each job performed will be of the highest quality possible. Think about it, what other roofing expert can you think of that makes sure each and every roof worked on is given #SexyRoofStatus ?!

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