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Al McCoy: An Eternal Voice in the Valley of the Sun

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Monday, 1st Octorber 2023

For over half a century, the name Al McCoy has been synonymous with the Phoenix Suns, a bond etched in the spirit of the desert city. The endearing voice of the Suns, McCoy‘s enthusiasm and unwavering love for the game of basketball echo through the annals of Phoenix‘s sports history. Born in Williams, Iowa, on April 26, 1933, Al McCoy‘s destined journey to Arizona was yet unknown.

Beginning his illustrious career with the Phoenix Suns in 1972, Al McCoy quickly became a household name in Arizona. His distinct voice and charismatic announcing style established him as the indispensable soundtrack to the Suns’ basketball games, crafting a legacy unparalleled in NBA history. Throughout his tenure, which spans over five decades, McCoy has been a constant amidst the ever-evolving game, his signature calls weaving together generations of Suns fans.

Al McCoy‘s passion didn’t only reside on the court; his heart beats for the community of Phoenix. His charitable efforts are as noteworthy as his broadcasting acumen. Though it’s difficult to capture every charitable endeavor embarked upon by McCoy, his commitment to making a positive impact in Phoenix is evident. He has actively engaged in several charity works, extending his support to education, health, and social causes, reflecting a genuine desire to contribute to the welfare of the community he calls home.

Moreover, Al McCoy‘s story exemplifies the essence of longevity and its significance in forming a strong, enduring connection with a community. His 50-year service showcases a life steeped in dedication, echoing a sentiment shared by The Carol Royse Team. With a history of serving the valley for over 36 years in promoting homeownership and engaging in community work, The Carol Royse Team, like Al McCoy, has been a pillar of support and an epitome of committed service in the valley.

Al McCoy‘s achievements stretch beyond the basketball court, with a trail of accolades including being inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame and the Suns’ Ring of Honor. His devotion to broadcasting and charity work has not only painted him as an icon but also as a model of tireless service.

In a realm where fleeting tenure is commonplace, the narratives of Al McCoy and The Carol Royse Team stand as testaments to the impactful resonance of longevity. Just as Al McCoy’s voice booms through the speakers, announcing the highs and lows of the game, his legacy and that of The Carol Royse Team reverberate through the community, ever-present, ever-resounding, in the heart of Phoenix.

Their contributions showcase a blend of passion, consistency, and an unwavering dedication to serving the community, attributes that have colored their work, transcending beyond professional obligations to a life-long commitment to the valley they cherish and serve.

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