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Can A Community Facilities District Fund Change Your Property Tax Outcome?

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Fridday, 5th May, 2023

We frequently get asked about upcoming Community Facilities District Funding in certain areas, where new home buyers are looking to buy.  This can affect the property taxes as you pay to support any city or government projects happening now or in the future.   Here’s more detail on exactly what is a Community Facilities District Funding Projects.

Community Facilities District (CFD)

A Community Facilities District (CFD) is a special tax district in the United States that allows local governments to fund the construction and maintenance of public facilities and services, such as parks, schools, police and fire stations, libraries, and other community infrastructure projects.

Community Facilities District Town of Florence

CFDs are typically created by a local government (such as a city council or county board of supervisors) and are funded by a special tax assessment on the properties within the district. The assessment can take various forms, such as a fixed amount per parcel, a percentage of the property value, or a combination of both.

The Funds

The funds collected from the special tax are used to pay for the costs of constructing and maintaining the facilities and services within the district. CFDs can be used to fund a wide range of projects, from small parks and playgrounds to large-scale infrastructure projects such as highways, bridges, and water systems.

Superstition Mountains Community Facilities District

CFDs are a way for local governments to finance community facilities and infrastructure without relying on general tax revenue. They allow residents to pay for the specific services and facilities they use, rather than having the cost spread across the entire community.

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