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How the Final Walkthrough Helps Buyer and Seller

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Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Where most of the home deals sour is at the very end in the final walkthrough stage.   The Carol Royse Team has two saving solutions to prevent the “Final Walkthrough” problems from surfacing for both buyer and seller.  Furthermore, this is at the end of the transaction when this happens, as it happens often, it’s the most frustrating thing to deal with it falling through at the end.  How the Carol Royse Team avoids this problem is easy.

One is our 24-hour cash offer for your home, this avoids the final walk thru altogether.  The second is our Certified Home Program which provides specific warranties on any defected items.

It protects the buyer and seller at any time during the closing process before or after sale to repair any items.  So, if there’s a problem that arises with the home after closing it will be fixed by a licensed contractor immediately before or after closing it doesn’t matter whichever is convenient for both buyer and seller.   Here’s the reality of the home final walkthrough phase, it is never even as we convey in the processes below.

Who Really Benefits in a Final Walkthrough Closing on a Home

A final walkthrough before closing on a home benefit both the buyer and the seller, although in slightly different ways.

For the buyer, a final walkthrough allows them to verify that the property is in the same condition as it was when they made their offer and signed the purchase agreement.

It gives them the opportunity to ensure that any repairs or agreed-upon work has been completed and that there are no new issues with the property that have arisen since they last saw it. This is also the time for the buyer to make sure that any personal property that was included in the sale, such as appliances or fixtures, are still present and in working order.

For the seller, a final walkthrough is an opportunity to show that they have fulfilled their obligations according to the purchase agreement,

such as completing any necessary repairs or leaving behind any agreed-upon items. It also helps to prevent any last-minute surprises or disputes that could cause the sale to fall through.

Overall, a final walkthrough benefits both the buyer and seller by ensuring that the transaction is completed smoothly and that both parties are satisfied with the condition of the property at the time of closing.

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