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Paddle Boarding in Arizona: Popular Destinations, Safety Measures, and Experiences of the Carol Royse Team

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Monday, 17th July, 2023

Paddle boarding, an age-old Hawaiian pastime, has become a trendy outdoor activity worldwide and Arizona is no exception. The past few years have seen a surge in popularity of this water sport in the Grand Canyon State, with Northern and Southern Arizona lakes attracting throngs of enthusiasts every year.

Northern Arizona Lakes: A Haven for Paddle Boarders

Northern Arizona is a paradise for paddle boarders, with its crystal-clear lakes providing a serene backdrop for a blissful paddleboarding experience. Among the popular locations is Lake Powell, the second-largest man-made reservoir in the United States, boasting a vast expanse of blue waters amidst striking red rock formations. Another favored destination is Lake Mary near Flagstaff, known for its calm waters and the magnificent San Francisco Peaks in the background.

Southern Arizona Lakes: Paddle Boarding in a Unique Desert Landscape

Southern Arizona offers a different but equally alluring setting for paddle boarding. Patagonia Lake, nestled in the rolling hills of Patagonia State Park, provides a unique desert lake experience for paddle boarders. Similarly, Parker Canyon Lake in the southeastern part of the state offers excellent conditions for paddle boarding, coupled with picturesque scenery of the surrounding Coronado National Forest.

Safety Considerations: The Importance of Weather and Wind Conditions

While paddle boarding can be an exhilarating activity, it is essential to consider safety factors. One significant issue paddle boarders face is high winds, which can lead to dangerous situations. Websites such as the National Weather Service, Windfinder or the Weather Channel are excellent resources to check for local weather and wind conditions before you set out for paddle boarding.

Remember, winds can change quickly, and what starts as a calm paddle can quickly turn into a challenging and potentially unsafe situation. Always be mindful of the weather conditions, especially wind speed and direction.

Wearing a Life Jacket: The First Rule of Safety

Regardless of your skill level, always wear a life jacket when paddle boarding. Even the most experienced paddle boarders can encounter unexpected situations that can lead to falls. Wearing a life jacket can prevent potential accidents from turning into tragedies.

The Carol Royse Team: Prioritizing Safety in Adventures

The Carol Royse Team, a family-owned real estate business, is a group that exemplifies the spirit of adventuring safely. Known for embracing new experiences, this team ensures that safety is never compromised. Whether it’s in their professional endeavors or their teams love for paddle boarding, the team’s ethos revolves around making sound decisions to keep themselves and their families safe.


Arizona’s diverse landscape makes it a fantastic place for paddle boarding. While it’s crucial to enjoy the scenic beauty and tranquility these locations offer, it’s equally important to remember that safety is paramount. Adopting safe practices while paddle boarding ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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