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Pool Fence Barrier

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Wednesday, 3nd May, 2023

If you own a home with a pool or even renting a home know your requirements for pool barriers.  Landlords should know this, but tenants should understand as well.   Arizona is the number one state in the U.S. for pool drownings. 

This is a helpful article to find out what city requires for pool barriers such as fences and home locking mechanisms.

It is important to know city ordinances on pool fence barriers because these regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of individuals who use or live near swimming pools. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in serious consequences, including fines, legal action, and even tragic accidents.

Pool fence barriers are required in many cities and states to prevent young children and pets from gaining access to the pool area unsupervised. These barriers can include fences, walls, gates, and other physical barriers that prevent access to the pool area. They are designed to be difficult for children to climb over, crawl under, or otherwise bypass.

City ordinances on pool fence barriers can specify requirements for the height, material, and construction of the fence or barrier, as well as requirements for gates, latches, and locks. It is important to be familiar with these regulations to ensure that your pool is incompliance and that you are providing a safe environment for your family, guests, and neighbors.

In summary, understanding and complying with city ordinances on pool fence barriers is crucial for the safety of those using and living near a pool.

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