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The Impact of School Ratings on Real Estate in Arizona

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Wednesday, 22nd November 2023

Understanding the Connection: School Ratings and Real Estate

The relationship between the quality of schools and real estate values is well-documented and significant. Studies have consistently shown that higher-rated schools can lead to increased home values. For instance, a 2016 study by revealed that home values in top-rated school districts were 49% higher than the national median home price​​. Economists from The New York Times estimated that a 5% improvement in test scores in suburban neighborhoods could raise home prices by 2.5%​​. This connection is even more pronounced in high schools, where a 10% increase in scores can lead to a 5% increase in housing prices​​. Additionally, a 2013 study highlighted that people paid an average of $50 more per square foot in top-ranked school zones compared to average districts​​.

The Arizona Context: Finding School Ratings

2024 Best School Districts ©Niche

When searching for a home in Arizona, it’s crucial to consider the strength of local schools. Arizona has a diverse range of public and charter schools, and their performance can be a critical factor in your real estate decisions. To find school ratings in Arizona, you can refer to several resources:

  1. AZ School Report Cards: This platform provides detailed information about public schools in Arizona, including district schools, charter schools, and others​​.
  2. This site offers ratings for public, charter, and private schools in Arizona, based on a variety of measures including academic performance​​.
  3. SchoolDigger: SchoolDigger calculates rankings for Arizona schools and districts based on test scores released by the Arizona Department of Education, updated annually​​​​.

Why Choose The Carol Royse Team for Real Estate in Arizona

The Carol Royse Team

Selecting the right real estate team is as crucial as choosing the right home, especially when school districts are a priority. The Carol Royse Team, a well-known real estate group in Arizona, offers tailored assistance for those looking to find homes in excellent school districts. Their expertise and understanding of the Arizona real estate market, combined with insights into school performances, can significantly aid in making informed decisions whether you are buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Selection: A Key Decision in Home Buying and Selling

The choice of real estate, influenced heavily by the surrounding educational environment, is a critical factor in both purchasing and selling a property. For buyers, investing in a home in a top-rated school district not only ensures quality education for their children but also promises better property value retention and growth. Sellers in high-rated school districts can leverage this aspect to attract more buyers and command higher prices.

The interplay between school ratings and real estate values is an essential consideration in the Arizona housing market. Utilizing resources like AZ School Report Cards,, and SchoolDigger can provide valuable insights into school performances. Engaging with knowledgeable real estate teams like The Carol Royse Team can make a significant difference in navigating the real estate landscape, especially in areas where school quality is a priority.

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