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The Spectacular World of Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

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Wednesday, 10th January 2024

For car enthusiasts and collectors, the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale is a prestigious event that promises a unique experience. This annual extravaganza is a paradise for automobile lovers, offering a chance to witness some of the most exquisite and rare vehicles in the world. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Car Auction, including when it starts, ticket prices, the number of cars typically auctioned, and how the auction process works.

When Does the Auction Start?

The Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Car Auction multi-day event starts this year on January 20th and ends on the 28th. This timing allows car enthusiasts to start their year with a bang.

Ticket Prices for Entry

To gain entry to the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale, visitors are required to purchase tickets. The ticket prices may vary depending on the specific day you choose to attend and the type of access you desire. Typically, there are several ticket options available:

  1. General Admission: This ticket provides access to the auction grounds and the opportunity to explore the vast display of vehicles. General admission tickets are usually the most affordable option, making it accessible to a wide range of car enthusiasts.
  2. VIP Experience: For those looking to enhance their visit, VIP tickets offer a premium experience. VIP guests can enjoy exclusive access to the VIP Lounge, premium seating during the auction, and other perks such as complimentary food and beverages.
  3. SuperFan Tickets: SuperFan packages are designed for the ultimate Barrett-Jackson experience. They may include behind-the-scenes tours, access to the staging lanes, and exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities with automotive celebrities.

The ticket prices for Barrett-Jackson Car can range from around $20 for general admission to several hundred dollars for VIP and SuperFan packages, depending on the level of access and the specific day of attendance.

The Auction Process

One of the highlights of the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction is the live auction itself. Thousands of cars are brought to the auction block, spanning various makes, models, and eras. On average, around 1,800 to 2,000 vehicles go under the hammer during the event, making it one of the largest collector car auctions in the world.

The auction process is a well-choreographed spectacle that captivates both seasoned collectors and first-time attendees. Here’s a simplified overview of how it works:

  1. Vehicle Display: Before the auction, all the cars up for bidding are displayed throughout the venue for visitors to admire. This gives potential buyers the chance to inspect the vehicles closely and assess their condition and authenticity.
  2. Bidding Paddles: Registered bidders are issued with bidding paddles, which they raise to indicate their interest in a particular vehicle.
  3. Auction Block: The vehicles are driven onto the auction block one by one. An auctioneer takes the stage and starts the bidding process.
  4. Competitive Bidding: As the auctioneer calls out the starting price, registered bidders begin to raise their paddles to place bids. The bidding continues until only one bidder remains, who then wins the car.
  5. Sold! Once the final bid is accepted, the auctioneer announces, “Sold!” and the hammer falls, signifying the successful sale of the vehicle.
  6. Documentation: After the auction, the winning bidder completes the necessary paperwork and payment to finalize the transaction.

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction is a must-visit event for any automobile enthusiast. With a wide range of vehicles to admire and an electrifying auction process, it offers a unique and thrilling experience for attendees. While ticket prices may vary, the chance to witness thousands of cars going under the hammer is a priceless opportunity for car collectors and fans alike. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply a lover of automotive history, the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Phoenix is an event that should not be missed.

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