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The White Tanks Mountain Range Offers Much!

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Monday, 13th November 2023

The White Tanks Mountain Range, located in central Arizona, is an intriguing and picturesque area with a rich geological and cultural history. Here are some key facts about the range and details about visiting it:

Facts about White Tanks Mountain Range

  1. Geological Formation: The White Tanks were formed approximately 30 million years ago due to tectonic activities and a detachment fault in the Tertiary period. The range is relatively young in geological terms and is characterized by its rugged topography of rocky fault ridges and deep canyons​​.
  2. Naming Origin: The name “White Tanks” comes from the numerous “tanks” or depressions in the white granite near the base of the mountains. These tanks were created over time by the rapid flow of water during heavy rainfall, which scoured out these unique features​​.
  3. Highest Point: The highest point in the White Tanks is Barry Goldwater Peak, reaching an elevation of 4,083 feet (1,244 meters). The range itself does not have a single prominent peak but is made up of a series of ridges and canyons​​.

Proximity to Phoenix and Size

Hiking and Recreation

  • The park boasts nearly 26 miles (42 km) of hiking trails with varying difficulty levels, from easy walks to moderately challenging hikes. The most popular trail is the 0.9-mile Waterfall trail, leading to a seasonal waterfall​​.

Driving Directions from Downtown Phoenix

To reach the White Tank Mountain Park:

  • Via I-10 and 101 Loop Freeway: Take the I-10 west out of Phoenix to the 101 Loop Freeway. Go north on the 101 to Olive Blvd, then head west for 13.5 miles to the park entrance.
  • Directly via I-10: Stay on I-10 to Cotton Lane, then go North for 7 miles to Olive Ave. You’ll find the park entrance near a stop sign and a Fertazone plant at the northwest corner​​.

Closest City

  • The closest major city to the White Tanks is the city of Buckeye, situated to the southwest of the mountain range​​.

Visiting the White Tanks Mountain Range offers a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a glimpse into Arizona‘s geological past, making it a worthwhile destination for both residents of and visitors to the Phoenix area.

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