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Fountain Hills, Arizona: The Story of a Soaring Landmark

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Wednesday, 13th September 2023

Fountain Hills is a town nestled in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona, well-known for its beautiful desert landscapes and the remarkable Fountain, a landmark that forms a crucial part of the community’s identity and history. In this article, we delve into the rich history of the Fountain, a spectacular display that has made real estate in the area highly sought-after, attracting homebuyers from all across the United States.

The Fountain: A History of Grandeur

The centerpiece of Fountain Hills, the Fountain, boasts a fascinating history that has contributed to the town’s recognition nationwide. Officially commencing operation on December 15, 1970, it was built as a symbol of the flourishing community of Fountain Hills, envisioned by Robert P. McCulloch, the same man behind the development of Lake Havasu City. The project was executed under the expert supervision of Charles Wood, Jr., a famous designer who also worked on Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The awe-inspiring fountain, which initially held the record as the world’s tallest fountain, was engineered to shoot water to great heights, showcasing a breathtaking display that has fascinated residents and tourists alike for decades. The fountain’s jet propels water to a stunning height of 560 feet under optimum conditions, an impressive feat made possible by three 600 horsepower pumps.

The construction process was a feat of engineering that involved state-of-the-art technology of the time. The fountain operates on a highly efficient system powered by large turbines that ensure the smooth and powerful propulsion of water, creating a majestic display that has become synonymous with the identity of Fountain Hills.

Witnessing the Spectacle: Visiting Information

To witness the magnificent display that the Fountain offers, visitors can head to the Fountain Park, located at 12925 N Saguaro Boulevard, Fountain Hills, AZ. The fountain operates every hour on the hour from 9 AM to 9 PM, providing numerous opportunities to view the spectacle throughout the day. The display lasts for about 15 minutes, offering a generous window to marvel at the breathtaking site and snap photographs.

The Allure of Real Estate in Fountain Hills

The real estate market around the Fountain Hills area has witnessed a steady attraction, drawing home buyers from all across the country. The area is renowned for offering spectacular views of not only the fountain but also the picturesque surrounding landscapes including the McDowell Mountains and the Sonoran Desert. Properties here command a premium, owing to the peaceful environment, well-planned community layouts, and the proximity to natural attractions and parks.

Furthermore, the town hosts a range of festivals and events year-round, adding to the vibrant community life that residents can indulge in. Living in Fountain Hills offers an exclusive experience that blends luxury, comfort, and a close connection to nature, making it a prime location for individuals and families looking to settle in a serene yet dynamic setting.

Fountain Hills stands as a testament to visionary planning and architectural prowess, with its famous fountain representing the heart and soul of the community. This landmark not only adds a touch of grandeur to the town but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the real estate landscape in the region, attracting home buyers from all corners of the nation. A visit to Fountain Hills offers a blend of natural beauty and modern living, promising a lifestyle that is as serene as it is vibrant, making it a truly unique place to call home.

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