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Understanding Arizona Real Estate Law: Disclosing Deaths and Felonies on Properties

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Tuesday, 30th May 2023

When it comes to buying or selling a property, transparency is crucial. Potential buyers deserve to have all relevant information about a property before making a decision. However, in the state of Arizona, there are specific laws regarding the disclosure of certain details, such as deaths and felonies, that may have occurred on a property. In this blog, we will explore Arizona’s real estate law, which does not mandate the disclosure of deaths and felonies on the property. The Carol Royse Team understands and specializes in properly disclosing information for sellers while adhering to legal requirements.

Arizona’s Real Estate Law and Non-Disclosure

Unlike some states, Arizona does not legally require home sellers to disclose deaths or felonies that have occurred on a property. The state follows the principle of caveat emptor, meaning “buyer beware.” This principle places the responsibility on buyers to investigate and ask questions about a property’s history, rather than relying on sellers to disclose every detail.

The Lack of Discrimination Against Home Sellers

The absence of a legal obligation to disclose deaths and felonies on a property in Arizona is not a means to discriminate against home sellers or hide vital information. Instead, it allows homeowners to sell their properties without fear of potential stigma associated with certain events that have occurred in the past. It also eliminates any subjective interpretation of what should be disclosed, as opinions on what events are considered significant may vary.

The Carol Royse Team’s Expertise in Proper Disclosure

Carol Royse Team

While Arizona law does not mandate the disclosure of deaths and felonies, The Carol Royse Team recognizes the importance of transparency and ensuring a smooth real estate transaction for their sellers. They understand that buyers may have concerns and questions regarding a property’s history but know how to navigate through these possible questions, with The Carol Royse Team extensive knowledge and experience in Arizona and in real estate law, they have developed specialized processes to handle these situations responsibly and ethically.

The team acknowledges that transparency builds trust, and they work closely with sellers to gather as much information as possible about the property’s history. By conducting thorough research and utilizing their vast network of resources, they go above and beyond to ensure that sellers have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about disclosure.

By providing accurate and comprehensive information to buyers, The Carol Royse Team empowers sellers to present their properties in the best possible light, instilling confidence in potential buyers. Their commitment to proper disclosure matters.

While Arizona’s real estate law does not require sellers to disclose deaths and felonies on properties, it is important to prioritize transparency during the buying and selling process. The Carol Royse Team understands the significance of this issue and specializes in proper disclosure practices.  Any questions regarding what you may or may not need to disclose regarding your home when it comes time to sell, please feel free to call The Carol Royse Team anytime at 480-776-5231

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